Thursday, 8 December 2011

Path Follower

Microcontroller loaded Path Follower"Tweety Bot"

Tweety Bot is simply an advanced version of a Line Follower Robot. It consists of two major
(1) Hardware ( includes the sensors and driving mechanisms )
(2) Software ( path following and grid solving algorithm )
The Hardware of Tweety bot:
The hardware of the tweety bot plays a vital role in functionality of the robot. It should be capable of
providing accurate information to the “brain” of the tweety bot and should be efficient in executing
the decisions made by it. The hardware includes:
(a) An array of Sensors
(b) Motors for driving the mouse
(c) The Brain of the mouse(microcontroller)
(d) Power Supply for the entire system

As shown in the image the bot is having 4 injections with 4 compass attached to it.These compass have 4 pencils with attached sensors at the tip of it.
This mechanism is used to provide flexibility in design and control.
Injection provide linear changes and compass provide angular changes.
These modifications is used to judge the turns of the road easily.

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