Sunday, 11 December 2011

BRiCSLAB: Research & Design

BRiCSLAB: Research & Design: BIPED ROBOT Dual Shaft Motor operated Biped Robot This is a very simple Robot for beginners to understand the practical ...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

School Robotics Workshop

BRiCSLAB conducted school level Robotics workshop in many different school from rural areas to urban areas.Project Nankari(a small suburban area) was the major step in upbringing this group.
BRiCSLAB with its team members Abhishek Singh, Ankita Singh, Manoj Kr Yadav, Kirti, Vijay had begun its journey from there, which lies in suburbs of IIT Kanpur.The schools which were covered were are as follows: 

G.P.Public School,Nankari


Swami Vivekananda Vidhalaya , Village Lodhar